The creative team of BRG & Associates are pleased
to announce the publication of :

 “The Devil is Eternal” The Unofficial Strange Paradise Companion

Although Strange Paradise enjoyed only a short run on television, it was a groundbreaking television show in more ways than one. The first U.S./Canadian cooperative television venture, Strange Paradise attracted the cream of Canadian talent, both in front of and behind the cameras.

"The Devil is Eternal" is the story behind the story of Strange Paradise. More than just an episode guide, this more than three-hundred page softcover
book will feature the following:

  • The first complete history of the series from its ground-breaking inception to the  present day including ratings and broadcast information
  • Complete Episode Summaries with Cast Lists, Airdates, and Analysis
  • Exclusive interviews with the series cast and crew
  • A “Where Are They Now?” section
  • Bloopers, Inconsistencies, and Interesting Items to Note
  • News is Stranger than Fiction: The Strange Paradise Paper Trail - an exhaustive list of news items regarding the show
  • Character Mapping and Analysis
  • Essays on subjects such as Time in Strange Paradise, Geography and History in Strange
    Paradise. The Occult in the Series and much more.

With an engaging writing style, the book will be a favorite whether you are an original fan or looking for something new.  The authors promise humor, in-depth analysis, and exclusive content!

“As fans of the show ourselves, we wanted to write a book that would be equal parts tribute, analysis, and reference.  We have conducted research for over four years and hope to produce what we believe will be the authoritative reference in the series,” says Bryan Gruszka, co-author of "The Devil is Eternal" and creator of

Please Note: The printed version of the Strange Paradise guide is currently on hold until the web version is complete. check back for updated publication information


Interviews and Observations From:

Colin Fox
Paisley Maxwell
Peg Dixon
Bruce Gray
Trudy Young
Dan MacDonald
Angela Roland
Pat Moffatt
Nonnie Griffin

Vladimir Handera
Selig Alkon
Bob Costello
Ron Sproat
Ron Chudley
Harding Lemay

And Many More!

Exclusive Never Before Seen Photos

Program Documentation and history

Episode, continuty and blooper guides

Newspaper clippings and press materials

Special Bonus Features