Maljardin Arc

In the crypt, Raxl and Quito finds Jean Paul with the doll and pin.  Raxl asks for the doll and pin, but Jean Paul ignores her and leaves.  Raxl wonders if he is Jean Paul or Jacques.  Upstairs, Jacques revels in his newfound freedom.  He promises that the doll and pin will never hold him again, but he cannot destroy them.  Thus he wants to find a hiding place for them.

In the crypt, Raxl talks to Erica - by denying the will of God, Jean Paul has sold them all to the devil.  She tells Quito that they must get the doll and pin, and goes upstairs to find Jean Paul in his room.  Raxl asks Jean Paul for the doll and pin, but he tells her to leave him alone, saying he needs to rest.  Raxl tells Quito that no one will rest until they are free of Jacques.

At the café, Vangie speaks with Alison. Alison tells her that she is here to see her sister Erica.

Raxl goes to search the boat dock for the doll.  As she and Quito leave, Jean Paul emerges from his room with the doll and pin.  He comments on all the changes in the manor since his imprisonment.  Heading downstairs, he pours himself a brandy commenting that it’s too new and he’ll have to change it, along with a few other things.

Quito and Raxl return from the boat dock.  Raxl speaks to the painting of Jacques, vowing to keep up the search until Jacques is back in hell.  They head upstairs and Jean Paul/Jacques emerges from the shadows.

At the café, Tim Stanton wants to sketch Alison but she is resistant.  A thug at the bar watches him and Alison wonders what he’s up to.  Tim is reticent with information.  Alison notices a sketch of Erica that Tim did two to three weeks before.

In the crypt, Jean Paul/Jacques wonders where to hide the doll/pin.  He tells Erica to sleep - as long as she does, he will live.  He goes to put the doll in her coffin but changes his mind.

Alison explains to Tim that she’s concerned because Erica is pregnant.  Tim knows as Jean Paul announced it although there has been no news in a couple of weeks.  Tim confesses to Alison that he needs money because of his mother’s illness.  He borrowed $3000 and couldn’t pay it back so he ran.  Thus, he’s being followed.  Alison is concerned as to where he’s going to get the money.

In the crypt, Jean Paul promises to make Erica live again as soon as he can.  He tells her the cryonics people will be there tomorrow, and tells Quito they need more dry ice for Erica’s coffin.

At the café, Alison offers to help Tim, but he refuses.  He finishes his sketch of her and departs, but is stopped by the thug.  Alison goes to help but Vangie stops her.  Alison wants to help so Vangie suggests showing Tim’s work to Jean Paul.  Liking the idea, Alison says she’ll get Jean Paul to commission Tim to paint Erica’s portrait.  As Tim is led off, Alison and Vangie offer Tim $7500 in advance to have him paint.  Tim promises the guy a couple of days and then he’ll have the cash.  The thug leaves and Tim thanks Alison for the bluff, but she tells him she’s serious that she’ll have Erica convince Jean Paul to hire him.

Raxl bids goodnight to Jean Paul.  He goes to bed as Quito arrives with more dry ice.  Raxl advises rest, but Jean Paul says he won’t rest until Erica is brought back.  In the crypt, Raxl worries for Jean Paul.  She says that Jacques must not roam free. Raxl tells  Quito to open the doors to the catacombs and they both enter.


Ian Martin
Herb Kenwith
Jerry Layton

Distributed by:
Krantz Films


Jean Paul Desmond characters
Eloi DesMondes

Vangie Abbott

Alison Carr characters
Raxl characters
Quito characters
Tim Stanton characters
Thug characters
This is the first episode to feature angela roland as vangie abbott
Tim weighs 162 pounds
Interest on Tim's Loan is $600 per month
This is the first episode to be filmed at the Crawley Film Studios


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