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Although unnamed in the actual televised episodes, Dr. Menkin is given a first name, Kurt, in the script for the pilot episode.

Rehearsals and blocking for the pilot took place the week of May 12, 1969, with the actual filming occurring on May 17 and 18 in Studio “A” at CJOH-TV in Ottawa. Filming for the regular series episodes began on August 11, 1969.
Filming for the episodes in the Maljardin Arc took place at the old Crawley Film studios in Chelsea, Quebec, approximately 20 minutes from the CJOH television studios where the pilot was filmed.
The coffin used for Erica’s body that was used prior to her being placed in the cryonics capsule was a real one, purchased from a local funeral home in Ottawa
In the original story outlines, Menkin’s purpose on the island was more defined. It was said that he was there to help Erica restore her beauty after she was disfigured in a car accident.
The wicker chairs that dotted the French Leave Café wound up in the home of one of the crew after filming on Strange Paradise was completed.  
Although it is never specifically mentioned on screen, it is implied that the chateau is the only large, modern structure on the island of Maljardin. Natives are mentioned but never seen.

A storyline that was dropped was one involving Mrs. Marshall being the reincarnation of Tarasca, a high priestess and contemporary of Jacques. Tarrasca was to be a counter to Jacques in the present day. Remnants of this storyline can be seen in some Maljardin episodes, particularly when Vangie and Raxl speak of defeating the “witch” while praying in the temple.
In some documentation, Alison Carr’s last name was Grant
The original name for The Reverend Dawson was the Reverend Matt Dennis
The actor who later has a speaking role in the Desmond Hall storylines as “Sinclair” appears as a bit player in several of the Maljardin episodes, showing up in episodes 2 and 8 as a patron in the French Leave Café, in episode 3 as a churchgoer, and, most notably, as one of the guests at Jacques’ party in episode 20.
Actor Bill Luxton, of Uncle Willy and Floyd fame, appears in several of the early episodes of the Maljardin arc, including the pilot, where he plays the bartender. He subsequently plays the bartender in episodes 2,7, and 8, a churchgoer in episode 3 and a patron of the French Leave in episode 9.
The character of Beryl Forbes, played by Nonnie griffin in the pilot, was originally to fill the role of voodoo priestess. When Griffin declined to continue with the series, her character was recast into Vangie Abbott, played by Angela Roland.
Vangie was originally to be called Natalie Banks, and was the owner of the French Leave Café rather than just a waitress.
Originally, Alison was to have an unrequited love for Jean Paul. This plotline is significantly toned down in the televised episodes, as is the subplot of romance between Alison and Dan Forrest. There was originally supposed to be a plotline concerning the competition between Dan and Jean Paul for Alison’s affections
In the original episode outlines, Jean Paul asks Alison to combine her scientific knowledge with his use of the occult to bring Erica back to life. In the televised episodes Jean Paul keeps his occult dealings secret.
Vangie originally was to use her supernatural knowledge as a ploy to get Jean Paul to allow her onto the island. In the television episodes, Vangie is summoned to the island by Raxl, and later performs a séance at Jean Paul’s request
The competition between Holly and her mother for Jean Paul’s affections, which formed part of a significant subplot in the story treatments, was significantly downplayed in the televised episodes.
Mrs. Marshall was slated to play a much different role in the Maljardin Arc, beginning with a hallucination during the séance in which she travels back in time and becomes Tarasca, a native high priestess in love with Jacques. This allows Jean Paul to start to control her in the present.
Holly originally was slated to search for the secret entrance to the temple after she learns more about it from listening to her mother’s mutterings during a dream
The folder of notes that Jacques takes from the secret room in the lab originally was to have contained information that Erica was disfigured in an auto accident, and came to Maljardin for plastic surgery, eventually dying while trying to gain eternal youth.
Dan Forrest was originally going to be allowed to escape the island. Instead, he would be the first to fie at Erica's hand after her return.
A subplot involving a police inspector arriving in Maljardin to investigate Menkin’s death was completely abandoned.
Quito was originally going to be accused of killing Tim to prevent him from leaving the island. As televised, it is only a misunderstanding on Holly’s part that makes her briefly think that Quito killed Tim.

The painting of the woman over the mantelpiece is of Marie Anne DesMondes, who lived from 1808-1835. Despite her name appearing clearly on the painting’s nameplate, Jean Paul, when possessed by Jacques, refers to her as “Louise Sophie”, a distant relative of his. Marie Anne is remarkably mobile, appearing in several locations before finally settling over the mantle, including the far wall of the dining room.
The location chosen to represent the chateau was Casa Loma, a local tourist attraction in Toronto, built in 1911 by wealthy Canadian businessman Sir Henry Pellatt. Exteriors were filmed in early May of 1969 by a crew from CJOH television and consisted mainly of establishing shots of the mansion and a few shots of Quito climbing the step to the mansion which were used in the pilot. Other than these scenes, no outside broadcast filming was done for Strange Paradise.
The interior set for the mansion does not resemble the interior of Casa Loma at all
Beginning with episode 45, voiceovers are used to introduce each episode of Strange Paradise, much like the voiceovers used for its American counterpart, Dark Shadows. These voiceovers were later abandoned.
The first voiceover is spoken in Episode 45 by Vangie (Angela Roland)
The Maljardin episodes aired between October 20, 1969 and January 19, 1970. During this run, Strange Paradise was pre-empted once, on Christmas Day, 1969.
Voiceover totals for the Maljardin arc are as follows:  Raxl:8, Mrs. Marshall: 2, Rev. Dawson: 5, Erica: 1, Alison: 1, Tim Stanton: 1, Dan Forrest: 2, Vangie: 1
There were a total of five different writers during the Maljardin storyline. The bulk of the episodes (44 of them) were written by Ian Martin, followed by Cornelius Crane with 10, James Elward with 6 and George Salverson and Ron Chudley, who co-wrote 5.
Three directors worked on the first 65 episodes. Noted TV director Herb Kenwith helmed the pilot and five subseqnet episodes. Following Kenwith, Vladimir Handera and Herb Roland alternated directing the remaining episodes.



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