proud to present alook at episode 171, what was thought to be
the “missing” episode. Although it is actually not the "Episode 171" that is missing, please enjoy the synposis


Cort sees the star in the sky and tries to fight against it, but Raxl tells him it is his destiny and he has no choice but to kill, as he, like so many previous Desmonds, bears the mark of death. She does, however, offer him a way to be rid of the star and the mark.

In Jean Paul’s room, Laslo tells Jean Paul that Raxl told him about his family secret, as well as much more, Jean Paul gets a menacing look in his eye and turns upon Laslo, attempting to strange him. Laslo is saved by Cort’s intervention and vows revenge.

Cort and Jean Paul realize that they both carried the mark of death that night, Jean Paul’s making him try to kill Laslo and Cort’s making him try to kill Jean Paul. The fact that neither killed leads the men to believe that the marks cancel each other out. They also realize that Raxl was behind it all.

Downstairs, Raxl pleads with Jacques DesMondes for help with her plans, but Julien enters and tells her that not only has her plan already failed, but that her time there is nearly up. Upstairs, Cort and Jean Paul have survived the night without killing and discuss the implications. Julien overheas them and enters the room, promising to help Cort as he struggles with his curse.

Meanwhile, Laslo confronts Raxl about having him sent to be killed by Jean Paul, something she denies. Laslo goes on to say he was saved by Cort, which shocks Raxl. At Laslo insistence, Raxl reveals that the Desmond curse forces men to kill, and makes him question the deaths of Holly and Quito. She tells Laslo she knows he can make good use of this knowledge.

Julien tells Cort that he, too, was once affected by the curse. He had to relinquish his life as a Desmond to be free of it. However, he knows the curse moves on to other Desmonds, and has come back because of that fact.

Raxl and Laslo make a bargain. As part of it, Laslo tells Jean Paul Raxl did not send him to his room earlier. Jean Paul tells Raxl he and she are at a stalemate, but Raxl insists she will win and Cort will kill. Jean Paull tells her that he had the mark at the same time as Cort, which makes Raxl wonder if she has made a mistake.

In the secret room, Raxl prays for help. Instead, Julien appears and say she must now go back to the flames as her time is up. Raxl refuses, saying that she will not go until her plans are finished. Julien says both he and the flames will wait.

Laslo confronts Jean Paul and threatens to go to the police with his knowledge unless Jean Paul turns over control of the family fortunes to him. Jean Paul tells Laslo that Raxl has also played a part in the various killings, and asks him to question her about her role before he makes any demands. Laslo ponders this.

In Cort’s room, Raxl chastises Cort for failing her, but insists he will eventually kill – he will do so or he will die. As she leaves Julien enters and tells Cort he can help him through his curse. He knows what Raxl says as he has heard her before – and he knows all about her.











Episode 31

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